Single Tattoo Licence

  • Single Tattoo Licence

This is a digital purchase for a single tattoo license. By purchasing this license you are allowed to get a single (1) tattoo of one of my (@sulphr.xvi) illustrations.

You want a tattoo from one of my illustrations? I'm really honored! By getting a single tattoo license, you are showing your financial support and appreciation to a small artist and helps me continue making illustrations.

- This license is a one-time use for 1 personal tattoo
- You cannot share or reuse this license with others
- Additional tattoos requires additional licenses
- Additional illustrations requires additional licenses
- This license is not for commercial use or tattoo studio use
- You are not allowed to reprint my art (t-shirts, prints, etc.) in any way or form

This license does not allow any changes to the illustration, other than adapting it to tattoo medium (consult with your tattoo artist), unless you have written permission from me. Tattoo shops and others are not allowed to resell any of my art in any way.

This license does not contain a high-resolution file of the artwork, you can take it from my Instagram page. Please consult with your tattoo artist.

If you or your tattoo artist reshares any photos of your tattoo / my art, please credit me as the original artist. I would be very happy to receive pictures of your tattoo! If you provide me pictures and the tattoo artist, I'd like to share and credit them too!

If you have any questions, please contact me at [email protected] or reach out to me on Instagram.